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Pull request Compare This branch is 3 commits ahead, 1173 commits behind infochimps-labs:master.
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clusters testing, cleaning up clusters
config added one more pattern (`compute-*`) to the proxy.pac
cookbooks added necessary dependent cookbooks for zabbix
data_bags Filled out the readme a whole bunch. Made NFS server restart if expor…
lib bootstrap script installs ruby 1.9.2 from source, avoiding the buggy …
notes Can now handle block_storage mapping. Correctly maps ephemeral disks …
roles nuked some obsolete roles
site-cookbooks updates from opscode cookbooks
spec added spec checking that it skips block_device_mapping for non-epheme…
tasks Removing unnecessary ruby-debug
.gitignore Merge branch 'cass_0.7.7' of
.rspec Put everything in place for gemifying, but haven't tested it
.watchr adding specs
Gemfile Removing unnecessary ruby-debug
LICENSE Added Apache 2.0 license, per Flip in re:… pulled in checklist and TODO from version_3 Update
README.textile Update README.textile with a promotional message for version_3
Rakefile Put everything in place for gemifying, but haven't tested it pulled in checklist and TODO from version_3
VERSION Version bump to 0.1.10
cluster_chef.gemspec bump gemspec

ClusterChef is now Ironfan

Please visit the ironfan repo instead. All current work, issues and wiki pages have been migrated.

The obsolete versions are still in place in this repo:

  • The version_2 branch holds cluster_chef version 2 (before the new discovery system).
  • The version_3 branch holds cluster_chef version 3 before the rename and launch.

Thanks, and sorry for the inconvenience.

-- infochimps

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