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Checklist for cookbooks, clusters and roles


  • Dependencies are in metadata.rb, and include_recipe in the default recipe

    • especially: runit, java, cluster_service_discrovery, thrift, apt
    • include_recipe is only used if putting it in the role would be utterly un-interesting. You want the run to break unless it's explicitly included the role.
    • yes: java, ruby, cluster_service_discovery, etc.
    • no: zookeeper:client, nfs:server, or anything that will start a daemon
  • (see TODO) Does cluster_service_discovery uniformly handle referring to a foreign cluster for the service?


  • Naming:

    • foo/default -- information shared by anyone using foo, including support packages, directories
    • foo/client -- configure me as a foo client
    • foo/server -- configure me as a foo server
    • foo/aws_config -- cloud-specific settings
  • Recipes shouldn't repeat their service name: hbase:master and not hbase:hbase_master; zookeeper:server not zookeeper:zookeeper_server.


  • Attribute file named ???? (which is the prefered name?)


  • roles and recipes
    • remove cluster_role and facet_role if empty
    • are not in run_list, but populated by the role and recipe directives