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seamless stop-start support

  • chef-client on bootup

    • when you stop/start machines their IP address changes, so must reconverge
  • create chef node for me

  • chef needs to converge twice on hadoop master

  • dirs are fucked up under natty beause paths are /dev/xvdi not /dev/sdi


  • should let me concisely refer to another cluster for a service (or use the current server)
  • Wait for service to announce

cluster_chef DSL

  • role and recipe
    • inject into the run_list directly
    • cluster_role_implication
    • clean up first_boot.json

Minor quibbles

Concern Separation

Cluster chef currently consists of the following separate(able) concerns:

  • cluster_chef tools
    • the DSL that lets you define clusters
    • the knife commands which use that DSL
    • optional bootstrap scripts for a machine image that can then launch bootstrap-less
  • cluster-oriented cookbooks
    • cluster_service_discovery (recipes to let clusters discover services using chef-server's search)
    • ?others?
  • cloud utility cookbooks
    • motd, system_internals (swappiness, ulimit, etc)
  • big data cookbooks (hadoop, cassandra, redis, etc):
    • cookbooks
    • roles
    • clusters

I think it's time to separate those into at least two repos.


Division of concerns

It's clear that the cluster_chef tools and the big data cookbooks should be divorced.


  • cluster_chef holds only the DSL, knife commands, and bootstrap scripts -- basically the stuff in lib/, along with the gemspec etc.
  • cluster_chef-systems -- holds cookbooks, roles and example clusters that use them.
    • Utility cookbooks (cluster_service_discovery, motd, etc) and system cookbooks(hadoop, cassandra, etc) are housed in two separate folders.
    • The standard layout would just include the cookbooks, but a cluster-oriented approach demands that the roles travel along too
  • (possibly) cluster_chef-chef-repo (??better name, anyone??) -- a fork of that integrates the above

Handling of cookbooks that originate from opscode-cookbooks

Right now we copy standard cookbooks from opscode's repo into the cookbooks directory. This lets us version them separately, but means we have to track them, and could cause conflicts with the majority of people who will be pulling from opscode-cookbooks already.

  1. omit entirely, but list as dependencies (my vote)
  2. git subtree pull them into the cluster_chef-cookbooks repo
  3. copy them in as we've been doing
  4. git submodule opscode-cookbooks and symlink

Organization of cookbooks repo

Opscode recommends a standard layout for your chef repo. We should make the new arrangement work seamlessly within that structure.

The new layout should

  • easy to integrate if you have your own existing chef-repo
  • straightforward for a new chef user to adopt
  • either mirror or be what we actually use

Revised proposal:

    { actual clusters }
    { roles }
    { symlinks to things in vendor/cluster_chef/roles }
    { directories holding internal cookbooks }
    { symlinks into vendor/opscode-cookbooks }
    { symlinks into vendor/cluster_chef-systems/site-cookbooks }
    opscode/cookbooks/      # git submodule of
    cluster_chef-systems/   # git submodule of
      site-cookbooks/         # hadoop, cassandra, cluster_service_discovery, etc.
        clusters/           # example clusters
        roles/              # roles (if any) needed for just the example clusters

  .chef/                    # knife config, keypairs, etc