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<title>Infochimps Dev Blog :: Colophon</title>
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<div class="content"><h2>Colophon</h2>&#x000A;<p>We&#8217;re using the <a href="">Octopress framework</a> for <a href="">Jekyll.</a> Since octopress required some extinct fork of jekyll to render <span class="caps">HAML</span>, we did <a href="">horrible, horrible monkey things</a> to make it render <span class="caps">HAML</span> text and layouts, but not require a special fork of Jekyll.</p>&#x000A;<p>We also use a tiny little sinatra shim inspired by Jesse Storimer&#8217;s <a href="">Jekyll on Heroku</a> post. We added <a href="">two tweaks:</a> one is to allow no-extension permalinks (redirects <code>/2010/09/foo</code> to <code>/2010/09/foo/index.html</code>), the other is to render the custom <a href="/404.html">/404.html</a> page.</p>&#x000A;<p>Get your own copy here:</p>&#x000A;<ul>&#x000A; <li><a href="">Infochimps Blog Source Code</a></li>&#x000A;</ul>&#x000A;<p>Posts are composed in <a href="">Textile</a> using Emacs (except for Jesse, who has some insane Dvorak-inverted notation textmate retroclone thing going).</p></div>
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Copyright &copy; 2010 - Infochimps Dev Blog -
<span class='credit'><a href="/colophon.html">colophon</a></span>
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<a href='' title='our thing'>Infochimps: Find Data</a>
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