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Colophon, site layout

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commit 00d2b59c91a0f6b7c0f2d81b5ce03a4d297d55d7 1 parent fd2a5ff
Philip (flip) Kromer authored
4 source/_includes/footer.haml
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
Copyright © #{'%Y')} - #{page.blog_title} -
- Powered by <a href="">Octopress</a>
+ <a href="/colophon.html">colophon</a>
= include "disqus_hook.haml" if page.respond_to?(:disqus_short_name) && page.disqus_short_name
-= include "google_analytics.haml" if page.respond_to?(:google_analytics_tracking_id) && page.google_analytics_tracking_id
+= include "google_analytics.haml" if page.respond_to?(:google_analytics_tracking_id) && page.google_analytics_tracking_id
11 source/colophon.textile
@@ -7,9 +7,12 @@ disqus:
h2. Colophon
-Uses "Octopress, a blogging framework designed for
-hackers":, based on
-"Jekyll,": the blog aware static site generator.
+We're using the "Octopress framework": for "Jekyll.": Since octopress required some extinct fork of jekyll to render HAML, we did "horrible, horrible monkey things": to make it render HAML text and layouts, but not require a special fork of Jekyll.
-Composed in emacs, except for Jesse who isn't enlightened that way yet.
+We also use a tiny little sinatra shim inspired by Jesse Storimer's "Jekyll on Heroku": post. We added "two tweaks:": one is to allow no-extension permalinks (redirects @/2010/09/foo@ to @/2010/09/foo/index.html@), the other is to render the custom "/404.html":/404.html page.
+Get your own copy here:
+* "Infochimps Blog Source Code":
+Posts are composed in "Textile": using Emacs (except for Jesse, who has some insane Dvorak-inverted notation textmate retroclone thing going).
2  source/index.haml
@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ disqus:
- author = (page.respond_to?(:author) && ? 'by: ' + + ' |' : ''
#{author} posted: #{"%B #{}, %Y")}
= (page.respond_to?(:updated) && page.updated) ? " | upated: #{page.updated}" : ''
- = preserve rp(post.content)
+ = preserve rp(shorten_jump(post.content, post.url))
- if page.respond_to?(:disqus) && page.disqus
- if["comments_off"]
%em.comments_off Comments disabled
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