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A Goliath web app for duplicating production traffic to another system.
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Dark Siphon

The Dark Siphon is a simple Goliath app which allows you to duplicate a fraction of your live traffic from your production app to a test environment.

Tools like nginx and so on allow you to load balance requests between multiple servers but they don't let you duplicate a given event across two different backend servers.

Dark Siphon lets you do this simply:

$ ruby dark_siphon.rb --mainline= --duplicate=

This will spin up a Goliath::API listener on port 9000 which will send every request to and return the response and will silently send 10% of events to, ignoring the response.

The production app will continue to receive and respond to all requests while the test app will receive 10% of the real production traffic.

Try running `dark_siphon.rb –help' to see other options (both built-in to Goliath as well as special to Dark Siphon like `–fraction').

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