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- Should be able to just dump a erb file into lib/templates and have it work
- default proctor should just instancevar-ify top-level component hash members
so you can do @ports or @daemons, etc... in your test
- there can only be one proctor per test template. If there isn't one, the default
proctor will be used instead
- proctors register to handle templates by defining template_name. Defaults to
something pulled from the class name
- proctors can also choose to not render anything, via a guard function
- Guard function?
- Way proctors are loaded:
has map from aspect_handle to proctor instances, starts empty
when render is called, checks if there is a proctor for that aspect_handle
if there is, use it
if not, checks if one exists
if so, instantiates it
if not, uses the default proctor
- Should be able to optionally define a proctor class that mediates the rendering
of the test
- Should not reload the class or re-instantiate it between render calls
API: protor.write_test(component), returns string
class PortProctor
def write_test(component)
# assign instance vars