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Skeleton homebase for Ironfan and Chef -- use this to hold your clusters, cookbooks and stacks
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certificates made things match up pretty well with old homebase
clusters Moving cluster examples into the pantry
config Berksfile: adding community_cookbook capability, removing cookbooks m…
data_bags made things match up pretty well with old homebase
environments adding testing environment
example_clusters committing example realm
knife example-credentials: added testmonkey config
notes @ 72d0d7e notes: updated to latest commit
org_cookbooks Replacing submodule mess with Berkshelf-based cookbook management
roles typo fix for hadoop_hue_from_release
tasks Adding chef_config.rake from ironfan-pantry
vagrants el_ridiculoso working, working on cookbooks consistency
.chef Making local .chef (instead of ~/.chef) the default for homebases
.gitignore Add .gitignore for bash completion script (cache dir)
.gitmodules Cleaning up .gitmodules (should use public http URL, not git@github one)
.rspec cluster_chef renamed to metachef: too confusing otherwise
Berksfile Adding s3cmd to berksfile
Gemfile Update version of Ironfan
Gemfile.lock Updated Gems
Guardfile Guardfile has the duckpunch to let it work with vendor/ license file Added notice about ruby 1.9+ version requirement
Rakefile Rakefile: adding sync_environment to push_to_production
chefignore adding a zookeeper demo cluster. Cleaned up some log statements.

Ironfan-Homebase: Master Plans for a Scalable Architecture

Ironfan, the foundation of the Infochimps Platform, is an expressive toolset for constructing scalable, resilient architectures. It works in the cloud, in the data center, and on your laptop, and it makes your system diagram visible and inevitable. Inevitable systems coordinate automatically to interconnect, removing the hassle of manual configuration of connection points (and the associated danger of human error). For more information about Ironfan and the Infochimps Platform, visit

The Ironfan Homebase repository is the central home for orchestrating your architecture. It unifies:

  • Cookbooks, roles, and environments
  • Cluster descriptions
  • Your Chef and cloud credentials
  • Pantries (collections of cookbooks, roles and so forth)

Getting Started

To jump right into using Ironfan, follow our Installation Instructions. For an explanatory tour, check out our Web Walkthrough. Please file all issues on Ironfan Issues.


ironfan-homebase works together with the full Ironfan toolset:


  • ironfan-homebase: Centralizes the cookbooks, roles and clusters. A solid foundation for any Chef user.
  • ironfan gem: The core Ironfan models, and Knife plugins to orchestrate machines and coordinate truth among your homebase, cloud and chef server.
  • ironfan-pantry: Our collection of industrial-strength, cloud-ready recipes for Hadoop, HBase, Cassandra, Elasticsearch, Zabbix and more.
  • silverware cookbook: Helps you coordinate discovery of services ("list all the machines for awesome_webapp, that I might load balance them") and aspects ("list all components that write logs, that I might logrotate them, or that I might monitor the free space on their volumes"). Found within the ironfan-pantry.


Note: Ironfan is not compatible with Ruby 1.8. All versions later than 1.9.2-p136 should work fine.

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