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# A zookeeper quorum
# The only sensible numbers of instances to launch with are 3 or 5. A solo
# zookeeper doesn't guarantee availability; and you should NEVER run an even
# number of ZKs (
# take note that permanent true is commented out, this may or may not not be ideal for you
Ironfan.cluster 'zk' do
cloud(:ec2) do
# permanent true
availability_zones ['us-east-1c']
flavor 't1.micro' # change to something larger for serious use
backing 'ebs'
image_name 'ironfan-precise'
bootstrap_distro 'ubuntu12.04-ironfan'
chef_client_script 'client.rb'
mount_ephemerals(:tags => { :zookeeper_journal => true, :zookeeper_scratch => true, :zookeeper_data => false, })
environment :development
role :systemwide, :first
cloud(:ec2).security_group :systemwide
role :ssh
cloud(:ec2).security_group(:ssh).authorize_port_range 22..22
role :nfs_client
cloud(:ec2).security_group :nfs_client
role :set_hostname
recipe 'log_integration::logrotate'
role :volumes
role :package_set, :last
role :minidash, :last
role :org_base
role :org_users
role :org_final, :last
role :jruby
role :tuning, :last
facet :zookeeper do
instances 3
role :zookeeper_server
:zookeeper => {
:server => { :run_state => :start, },
# Attach 10GB persistent storage to each node, and use it for all zookeeper data_dirs.
# Modify the snapshot ID and attached volume size to suit
volume(:ebs1) do
size 10
keep true
device '/dev/sdk' # note: will appear as /dev/xvdk on natty
mount_point '/data/ebs1'
attachable :ebs
snapshot_name :blank_xfs
resizable true
create_at_launch true
tags( :zookeeper_data => true, :zookeeper_journal => false, :persistent => true, :local => false, :bulk => true, :fallback => false )