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@@ -18,17 +18,19 @@ To jump right into using Ironfan, follow our [Installation Instructions](https:/
ironfan-homebase works together with the full Ironfan toolset:
+### Tools:
* [ironfan-homebase]( Centralizes the cookbooks, roles and clusters. A solid foundation for any Chef user.
* [ironfan gem]( The core Ironfan models, and Knife plugins to orchestrate machines and coordinate truth among your homebase, cloud and chef server.
* [ironfan-pantry]( Our collection of industrial-strength, cloud-ready recipes for Hadoop, HBase, Cassandra, Elasticsearch, Zabbix and more.
* [silverware cookbook]( Helps you coordinate discovery of services ("list all the machines for `awesome_webapp`, that I might load balance them") and aspects ("list all components that write logs, that I might logrotate them, or that I might monitor the free space on their volumes"). Found within the [ironfan-pantry](
+### Documentation:
* [index of wiki pages](
* [ironfan wiki]( High-level documentation and install instructions.
* [ironfan issues]( Bugs or questions and feature requests for *any* part of the Ironfan toolset.
* [ironfan gem docs]( Rdoc docs for Ironfan.
-* [Ironfan Screen Cast]( build a Hadoop cluster from scratch in 20 minutes.
+* [Ironfan Screen Cast]( build a Hadoop cluster from scratch in 20 minutes.
+**Note**: Ironfan is [not compatible with Ruby 1.8]( All versions later than 1.9.2-p136 should work fine.

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