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  • refactor standard dirs and volume_dirs into a single, more coherent resource

  • We should use the Fog::Compute::AWS::FLAVORS constant that fog defines in the cloud code (instead of the one we put there)

  • All over the place there is the following construct (absolutely necessary, absolutely horrid):

    foo =[:system]).merge(node[:system][:component])

    You might look at this and think "gee I know a much simpler way to do that". That simpler way does not work; this way does.

    I propose adding a 'smush' method to silverware/libraries/cookbook_utils:

    module Ironfan::CookbookUtils
      # Merge the given objects (node attributes, hashes, or anything
      # else with `#to_hash`) into a combined `Mash` object. Objects 
      # given later in the list 'win' over objects given earlier.
      # @examples
      #   template_vars = Ironfan::CookbookUtils.smush( node[:flume], node[:flume][:agent], :zookeeper_port => node[:zookeeper][:port] )
      # @param [Array[#to_hash]] smushables -- any number of things that respond to `#to_hash`
      def smush(*smushables)
        result =
        smushables.compact.each do |smushable|
          result.merge! smushable.to_hash

    (obviously the hard part is not writing the method, it's applying it to all the cookbooks.)

Knife commands

  • reify notion of 'homebase'; cluster commands work off it
  • move away from referring to Chef::Config everywhere;

Old Issues Triage

From with love. Deleted ownership, and everything that was done or has its own issue.

Must Do

  • merge volumes into silverware. merge ebs_volumes into ec2 cookbook
  • Basic CI testing of cookbooks
  • RSpecs for silverback (lib and knife tools)
  • RSpecs for silverware are mostly in place -- ensure they are.
  • push cookbooks to
  • refine and explain updated git workflow


Use the opscode EC2 fast start as a guide -- our getting started should start at the same place, and cover the same detail as the EC2 bootstrap guide.

  • Clear description of metadiscovery
  • make sure README files in cookbooks aren’t wildly inaccurate
  • Carry out setup directions, ensure they work:
    • cluster_chef if you’re using our homebase
    • cluster_chef if you’re using opscode’s homebase
  • local vagrant environment
  • hadoop cluster bootstrapping

Piddly Shit

  • standardize the zabbix cookbook (no more /opt, etc -- more in the TODO)
  • volumes don't deep merge -- eg you have to mount_ephemerals in the facet if you modify htem
  • kill_old_service should disable services (may be leaving /etc/rc.d cruft).
  • kill old service doesn't go the first time. why?
  • chef client/server cookbook: set chef user UID / GID; client can set log directory
  • apt has a dashboard at http://{hostname}:3142/report
  • can use knife ssh as me@ or as ubuntu@
  • knife command to set/remove permanent on a node + disableApiTermination on box. knife cluster kill refuses to delete nodes with permanent set. knife cluster sync sets permanent on if permanent(true), removes if permanent(false), ignores if permanent nil or unset.
  • style-guide alignment (prefix_root becomes prefix)

Really Want

  • unify the hashlike underpinning to be same across silverware & cluster_chef. Make sure we love (or accept) all the differences between it and Gorrillib’s, and between it and Chef’s.
  • Keys are transmitted in databags, using a helper, and not in node attributes
  • easy to create a dummy node (load balancer, external resource, etc)
  • components can have arbitrary attributes (kinda. they take an :info param, behavior which may change later)
  • All cookbooks have nice detailed announcements
  • full roll out of log_integration, monitoring
  • Git deploy abstraction similar to install_from

Cookbook checklist:

  • Validate all the cookbooks against checklist -- see notes/

                      | flip fixed | temujin9 checked |
    cassandra         |            |                  |
    ec2               |            |                  |
    elasticsearch     |            |                  |
    firewall          |            |                  |
    flume             |            |                  |
    ganglia           |            |                  |
    graphite          |            |                  |
    hadoop_cluster    |            |                  |
    hbase             |            |                  |
    hive              |            |                  |
    jenkins           |            |                  |
    jruby             |            |                  |
    nfs               |            |                  |
    nodejs            |            |                  |
    papertrail        |            |                  |
    pig               |            |                  |
    redis             |            |                  |
    resque            |            |                  |
    Rstats            |            |                  |
    statsd            |            |                  |
    zookeeper         |            |                  |
    # meta:
    install_from      |            |                  |
    motd              |            |                  |
    mountable_volumes |            |                  |
    provides_service  |            |                  |
    # Need thinkin':
    big_package       |            |                  |
    cluster_chef      |            |                  |

Things that are probably straightforward to fix as soon as we know how

  • announcements should probably be published very early, but they need to know lots about the machine YUK
  • split between clusters / roles / integration cookbooks
  • inheritance of clusters

Things We Hate But Might Have to Continue Hating

  • Cluster refactor -- clusters / stacks / components, not clusters / roles / cookbooks
  • move cluster discovery to cloud class.
  • Server#normalize! doesn’t imprint object (ie. server attributes poke through to the facet & cluster, rather than being set on the object)
  • The fact you can only see one cluster at a time is stupid.
  • security group pairing is sucky.
  • ubuntu home drive bullshit
  • Finer-grained security group control (eg nfs server only opens a couple ports, not all)
  • nfs recipe uses discovery right (thus allowing more than one NFS share to exist in the universe)


  • sync cookbooks up/down to infochimps-cookbooks/    - note: infochimps-cookbooks the org will be dereferenced in favor of ironfan-lib the single repo; it's unclear which pull requesters will prefer. We will do at least one push so that names and URLs are current, and we're not removing anything, but infochimps-cookbooks has an unclear future.
  • foodcritic compatibility
  • build out cookbook munger, make it less spike-y
  • spot pricing
  • rackspace compatibility
  • cookbook munger reads comments in attributes file to populate metadata.rb
  • gem install ironfan; ironfan install checks everything out
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