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Knife commands

  • knife cluster launch should fail differently if you give it a facet that doesn't exist

  • reify notion of 'homebase'; cluster commands work off it

  • move away from referring to Chef::Config everywhere;

Rename completed,

New homes:

Phase 1: Regex Replace

  1. DONE warn about the name change. Since the version_3 branch is left pre-namechange, decision was made to do a pull request when things are pull-able, not spam people before.
  2. DONE Make a branch in each repo (cluster_chef and *-homebase) called before_rename, holding the current state of the code. Make another branch ironfan, where the renames will occur. That branch will be deleted as soon as the merge lands, hopefully before anyone even notices.
  3. DONE Make sure el_ridiculoso is up to date and that it fully converges in the vagrant and cloud environments.
  4. DONE Ensure all infochimps devs have push-pulled to various repos. make a tarball of the repos (.git and everything) and put them somewhere safe.
  5. DONE rename the vendor/infochimps/metachef cookbook as vendor/infochimps/silverware.
  6. DONE Bump the minor version number on all cookbooks (so 3.0.x => 3.1.x). Commit.
  7. DONE regex-replace ClusterChef => Ironfan, cluster_chef to ironfan and [Mm]etachef => [Ss]ilverware. Do this in cluster_chef and infochimps-labs/ironfan-homebase only. Get chef-client to complete on el_ridiculoso using an emptied-and-reloaded local chef server. Run knife cluster sync on all clusters in all homebases against local chef server.
  8. ...
  9. DONE once the name is updated in the gemspec, release the ironfan gem. @temujin9 and I agree that it should be a single combined gem now that we won't have the stupid _chef gem name conflict.

Phase 2: Repo migration

  1. DONE back up the repo and put it somewhere safe.
  2. DONE Transfer ownership of infochimps/cluster_chef to infochimps-labs/cluster_chef. Do whatever is necessary/possible to migrate issues over.
  3. DONE Change name of infochimps-labs/cluster_chef to infochimps-labs/ironfan. Created new repo infochimps-labs/ironfan-homebase. 4. DONE Create new repo infochimps/cluster_chef with helpful link to new repo. I don't think we need a placeholder at infochimps-labs/cluster_chef-homebase.
  4. DONE Rename master branch of old cluster chef to be version_2, and freeze the version_3. Both now carry a deprecation warning pointing you to ironfan.
  5. IN PROGRESS Update any remaining documentation links, etc to point to new home.
  6. IN PROGRESS Have all devs edit their .git/config to point at right place.

so here is the dev-level worksforme -- @temujin9 will close once he's given it the sysadmin-level worksforme

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