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Cleaning up omnibus usage to link embedded bin, ruby into default $PA…

…THs, rather than use /etc/environment to try tweaking (doesn't hit a large number of programs)
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1 parent f947902 commit 452a9369dbc99f98fef60871fa0acf00867be922 @temujin9 temujin9 committed Dec 20, 2012
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  1. +5 −8 lib/chef/knife/bootstrap/ubuntu12.04-ironfan.erb
13 lib/chef/knife/bootstrap/ubuntu12.04-ironfan.erb
@@ -44,15 +44,12 @@ if [ ! -f /opt/chef/bin/chef-client ]; then
curl -L | sudo bash
-# Include the omnibus' path in the system-wide path, to allow use of
-# its executables (gem, ruby, bundler, etc.)
-cat <<'EOP'
-) >> /etc/environment
-. /etc/environment
+# Replace /usr/local/sbin with the omnibus' bin, to get it into the PATH
+mv /usr/local/sbin{,~}
+ln -s /opt/chef/embedded/bin /usr/local/sbin
+# Link ruby into /usr/bin/ruby, to allow /usr/bin/env
+ln -s /opt/chef/embedded/bin/ruby /usr/bin
gem install extlib bundler json right_aws pry fog

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