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knife cluster launch "Computers are running" warning returns non-zero exit code #343

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Running knife cluster launch a second time after having successfully brought up a machine gives:

WARNING: All computers are running -- not launching any.

and exits non-zero:

echo $?

This seems worth a warning, but to not exit cleanly feels wrong. The machine /is/ launched after all. If I'm running a build in CI I'd like it to be idempotent from run to run if the machine is already up and not break the second time.

@joshbronson joshbronson added a commit that referenced this issue
@joshbronson joshbronson feature: cleaner cluster launch exit status
exiting with 0 status instead of 1 when launching a cluster that is
already launched.

This addresses #343

Squashed commit of the following:

commit d84cd17869759aded212ba9e2ee57332a533958b
Author: Josh Bronson <>
Date:   Mon Feb 24 17:38:54 2014 -0600

    Version bump to 5.0.10

    Change-Id: I01622f2880d61aca0d7d2c4b06bf29df161fec89

commit c23ef64934efbeab0219a74ca8b931c7671e315e
Author: Josh Bronson <>
Date:   Mon Feb 24 17:38:37 2014 -0600

    exit status 0 instead of 1 when machines already launched

    Change-Id: I1a85c4c8f7d35fad9f56cf556fe5b0b7b9dbbe96

Change-Id: I0556717172cc8836ead1976e1b1b52e260f197b9
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