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@temujin9 temujin9 Updated Home (markdown) bd6783c
mrflip Updated Home (markdown) eff1fd9
mrflip Updated Home (markdown) 302a822
Philip (flip) Kromer updated ec2 price cheatsheet, linked to it from home page c99cf88
@sya sya Updated Home (markdown) 17f8cdc
@sya sya Announcing Nate's webinar a44452f
mrflip Updated Home (markdown) 2722835
mrflip Updated Home (markdown) 0cad684
mrflip Updated Home (markdown) 4829a55
mrflip Updated Home (markdown) 330ab75
mrflip Updated Home (markdown) b56b768
mrflip Updated Home (markdown) 5af92de
mrflip Updated Home (markdown) 5152962
@sya sya Updated Home (markdown) 49ee451
@sya sya Updated Home (markdown) f254c64
@sya sya returned ironfan platform text to ironfan way section, and added link to homepage in intro fc3ad0e
@sya sya changing hadoop walkthrough 59bba36
@sya sya changed intro to link to the how it works page, moved linke about how it works and ironfan enterprise to end of intro paragraph rather than being in the getting started list 7e3d93f
Philip (flip) Kromer deleted two redundant lines 7105b80
Philip (flip) Kromer fixed html anchors -- they should go separate from the heading text 00bae28
Philip (flip) Kromer home points to style guide b1ae8f8
Philip (flip) Kromer Improvements to layout file truthiness. Also renamed the lauout file to .txt -- was making yard shit a brick e5f08cb
Philip (flip) Kromer fuller TOC on 7d31b62
Philip (flip) Kromer tweak d2629af
Philip (flip) Kromer finished 9d85e71
@sya sya reformatting b4110ea
@sya sya CUT [ironfan-ci]( Continuous integration testing of not just your cookbooks but your *architecture*. 4e6cf5c
@sya sya pasted overview, index, and linked to pages page to serve as table of contents in the meantime 171a5e3
Philip (flip) Kromer updated Home with an index to the code, docs and support 7838faf
@sya sya Updated Home (markdown) b0a777e
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