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Senor Armando - Goliath Helpers

In Planet of the Apes, Señor Armando is the owner of a circus, a human friend of Cornelius and Zira, and caregiver for Ceasar, teaching him human knowledge and introducing him to human habits.

On the Planet of the APIs, Señor Armando is a collection of helper methods that introduce human habits to your goliath app.

Both have an enthusiastic appreciation for rich Corinthian leather.

Señor Armando photo


  • run armando_gemfile_jail; this will run bundler install but cache the results locally for much quickness. You MUST run it at least once explicitly.

That should be it!


Code Organization

Logging to Statsd

Start a graphite and statsd server:

    python2.6 /usr/local/share/graphite/bin/ start & sleep 1 ;
    python2.6 /usr/local/share/graphite/bin/ /usr/local/share/graphite & sleep 2 ;
    node ~/ics/repos/statsd/stats.js /etc/graphite/statsd_config.js &



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