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#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require 'rubygems'
require 'rake'
require 'swineherd' ; include Swineherd
# Uses hadoop and rake's multitask capability to stream many source
# files in parallel into a single destination directory.
Settings.define :input, :type => Array, :required => true, :description => "Comma spearated list of directories (hdfs paths, s3 paths, etc) to stream"
Settings.define :output, :required => true, :description => "Destination directory (s3 or hdfs)"
# Takes a hash of paths eg: {'filename' => 'full path'} and defines
# a new streaming task for each one
def define_tasks list_of_tasks
list_of_tasks.each do |basename, source|
task basename do
destination = File.join(Settings.output, basename) # each file gets its own output, destination)
# Create a list of tasks, one per file
list_of_tasks = Settings.input.inject({}){|list, path| list[File.basename(path)] = path; list}
define_tasks list_of_tasks
multitask :stream_all => list_of_tasks.keys
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