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require 'wukong-hadoop'
module Wukong
# Wonderdog provides Java code that couples Hadoop streaming to
# Wukong. This module adds some overrides which enables the
# <tt>wu-hadoop</tt> program to leverage this code.
module Elasticsearch
include Plugin
# Configure the given `settings` to be able to work with
# Elasticsearch.
# @param [Configliere::Param] settings
# @return [Configliere::Param] the newly configured settings
def self.configure settings, program
return unless program == 'wu-hadoop'
settings.define(:es_tmp_dir, :description => "Temporary directory on the HDFS to store job files while reading/writing to ElasticSearch", :default => "/user/#{ENV['USER']}/wukong", :wukong_hadoop => true)
settings.define(:es_lib_dir, :description => "Directory containing Elasticsearch, Wonderdog, and other support jars", :default => "/usr/lib/hadoop/lib", :wukong_hadoop => true)
settings.define(:es_config, :description => "Where to find configuration files detailing how to join an ElasticSearch cluster", :wukong_hadoop => true)
settings.define(:es_input_splits, :description => "Number of input splits to target when reading from ElasticSearch", :type => Integer, :wukong_hadoop => true)
settings.define(:es_request_size, :description => "Number of objects requested during each batch read from ElasticSearch", :type => Integer, :wukong_hadoop => true)
settings.define(:es_scroll_timeout, :description => "Amount of time to wait on a scroll", :wukong_hadoop => true)
settings.define(:es_index_field, :description => "Field to use from each record to override the default index", :wukong_hadoop => true)
settings.define(:es_mapping_field, :description => "Field to use from each record to override the default mapping", :wukong_hadoop => true)
settings.define(:es_id_field, :description => "If this field is present in a record, make an update request, otherwise make a create request", :wukong_hadoop => true)
settings.define(:es_bulk_size, :description => "Number of requests to batch locally before making a request to ElasticSearch", :type => Integer, :wukong_hadoop => true)
settings.define(:es_query, :description => "Query to use when defining input splits for ElasticSearch input", :wukong_hadoop => true)
settings.define(:es_transport, :description => "Use a transport client to an existing node instead of spinning up a new node", :default => true, type: :boolean, :wukong_hadoop => true)
settings.define(:es_transport_host, :description => "Host of existing node for transport client", default: 'localhost', :wukong_hadoop => true)
settings.define(:es_transport_port, :description => "Port of existing node for transport client", default: 9300, type: Integer, :wukong_hadoop => true)
# Boot Wonderdog with the given `settings` in the given `dir`.
# @param [Configliere::Param] settings
# @param [String] root
def self.boot settings, root
require 'wonderdog/hadoop_invocation_override'
require 'wonderdog/timestamp'