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= Wukong-Meta

Wukong-Meta is a Wukong plugin which extracts metadata about models, processors, flows, and jobs from a deploy pack.

== Installation

Just make sure Wukong-Meta is somewhere in your deploy pack's Gemfile

# in Gemfile.rb
gem 'wukong-meta'

and do a bundle update to ensure the code is installed and availabl locally within your deploy pack.

== Usage

Wukong-Meta provides the wu-show command which can be used to show metadata.

Try it without any arguments to produce a listing of all models, processors, flows, and jobs it can find within the deploy pack.

$ bundle exec wu-show

You can also pass a specific kind of object

$ bundle exec wu-show models
$ bundle exec wu-show processors
$ bundle exec wu-show dataflows
$ bundle exec wu-show jobs

Or the name of a specific model, processors, dataflow, or job (as reported in the second column of the above output):

$ bundle exec wu-show MyModelName
$ bundle exec wu-show my_processor
$ bundle exec wu-show my_dataflow
$ bundle exec wu-show my_job

The wu-show command colorizes output based on the type of the object. You can see a legend of what colors correspond to what kinds of objects:

$ bundle exec wu-show legend

=== Output Formats

The wu-show command can output its data in several different formats, controlled by the --to option.

Try JSON output

$ bundle exec wu-show processors --to=json


$ bundle exec wu-show processors --to=tsv

The default behavior is equivalent to --to=text.