forked from bbatsov/ruby-style-guide

A community-driven Ruby coding style guide

Updated Aug 16, 2012


forked from thedatachef/swineherd

Swineherd with a magic ruby to make pig fly.

Updated Aug 12, 2012


Continuous Integration testing of ironfan clusters and chef cookbooks. Pass your system diagram into iron law,

Updated Jun 25, 2012


Infochimps Stupid Schema library: an avro-compatible data description standard. ICSS completely describes a collection of data (and associated assets) in a way that is expressive, scalable and sufficient to drive remarkably complex downstream processes.

Updated Jun 18, 2012

Ruby 5 0


Filesystem Abstraction for S3, HDFS and normal filesystem

Updated Jun 18, 2012


Rake tasks to syndicate out 50 cookbooks from ironfan-pantry into distinct isolated repos. Don't look in the trunk, repo man.

Updated Jun 18, 2012


How to use Wukong to run R scripts in Hadoop as well as locally

Updated May 15, 2012

Ruby 2 1


dotfiles (.zshrc, .emacs.d, etc) for an infochimps standard workstation

Updated Mar 7, 2012

JavaScript 2 0

infochimps open source reference pages

Updated Feb 18, 2012

Java 1 5


forked from howech/jruby-flume

JRuby plugin for flume (jRubySource, jRubySink, jRubyDecorator).

Updated Dec 15, 2011