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I love learning — and a great way for me to learn, is collecting and organizing information into useful resources\documents.

The best thing about writing is that I'm not required to remember all of the information I come across. But if I've taken the time to write about it, to research and record the facts to the best of my ability. Then that information can become more easily accessible for anyone.

It seems I don't even begin to learn deeply about a subject until I've written about it a few times. The repetitive research process is great.

I've been regularly practicing content creation for over a year now... I've been good w computers, for a while, but never learned to code or any really technical stuff before I found crypto in '17, and had been out of touch with the tech world for quite a while.

I really started getting serious about collecting and cataloging information related to crypto about 6 months ago. I've always been a big reader, and fact finder.

In a world where everything can be automated, and there's more information than anyone knows what to do with. I believe, in the not so distant future, most businesses will have part\full-time internet research staff.

So, I'm just kind of getting the ball rolling.

All the pages are in _pages, or check out

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