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Research Driven Content
Full-Time Crypto-Research, Bitcoin History, Decentralized Identity, Blockchain Development, Web-Work, Indie-Web and Practical-Crypto.

My Goal: Create a reasonably comprehensive index for the ecosystem of information surrounding Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency.

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All of the content that I create on is open-source. At the Bottom of each page, you'll find an Edit this page button, so you can contribute and\or see how it works behind the scenes. {: .notice--success}

Hooray! I created this website at the beginning of the year, which was my first time publishing a web-page... even if it was only a couple clicks, and a few paragraphs to start.

Information Dense Content

I'm not a fast writer, or even particularly good at it. However, I love to learn, I value reliable sources and am a patient editor. When writing for my clients, I always ask plenty of questions, and show my progress, to ensure that I'm headed in the right direction.

I'm primarily interested in Bitcoin, decentralized identity, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, web-work, programming. I'm also quite interested in data science, although not nearly as much as I am crypto.

Having gathered information on a variety of subjects into GitHub repositories, I began learning how to publish with GitHub Pages.

I aim to create content of the highest quality - relating complex subjects in a clear and concise fashion - supplying essential details, with quality sources for further study. {: .notice--warning}

Bitcoin History

I'm fascinated by all the history surrounding Bitcoin, and tech generally, but especially any aspects that directly relate to Bitcoin in some fashion. I've found it easier to understand blockchain and cryptocurrency, going back over their histories... cryptography, one-way hash functions, public key encryption... Important to recall is that state suppression of cryptography is the #1 cause of blockchain mania.

It took Bitcoin to get governments to go along with crypto-innovations, for the public anyhow. From the beginning of the digital age, industry was discouraged from becoming too creative with cryptography. For example, in the US and allied nations, there were strict export controls on encryption unless the government could crack it.

Now Bitcoin has forced the hand of industry and the state, to try and catch up with the cypherpunk tech.

»»» So now that we've all lost our minds over crypto. »»» {: .notice--success}




DID-Identity Decentralized

Over the past year, a number of different clients hired me to write about decentralized identity. One client had me write higher level (but technically precise, and exhaustive) introductory pieces for developers, to be included as part of their training courses for various Hyperledger and other blockchain training. So I decided to start making this resource.

Decentralized-ID has become a passion. This is my most highly developed research project, to-date.

The rise of Bitcoin has brought new life to the quest for a decentralized - vendor agnostic - identity layer for the internet, that began around the early 2000's. Today, we are closer than ever to a sensible approach to identity online.

As far as I can tell, this is blockchain's breakthrough application, beyond currency. Efforts to create a decentralized identity layer for the internet have persevered since the early 2000's, experiencing surge of energy with the rise of Bitcoin, the GDPR, and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for all to have legal id by 2030. Plus.. Canadian governments are using a distributed ledger for their business registry, which will support a ton of useful technologies!!!!

Yay! so you can see created DIDecentralized (formerly named /awesome-decentralized-id) was created on November 11, 2019.

That's also when I began learning to use GitHub and Git.

Learn Crypto Trading

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Trading \ technical analysis is the subject I've studied the least, of almost anything, but this is my fastest growing repository (in followers) besides DIDecentralized (surprise surprise).

My digital transformation tour-guide said that means it should have a heading here. Jokes aside, I do plan to study more and build out that site. Actually, I've hatched some cool plans to make it awesome!

Web Development


Research Index-Discord Chat

I keep up with, and follow cryptographers, developers, academics, cypherpunks, maximalists, generalists, enterprise, traders, and the like on Twitter — re-tweeting valuable information to collect, organize and catalog in the 100+ channels of Source⧉Crypto Discord Chat.

Beyond that more passive information collection, I also heavily research the background of subjects I write about.

I've gradually been figuring out the best ways to structure that data, generate pages with it, and create dynamic resources that are fine-tuned to the users research needs.

This is just the beginning of what is becoming an epic repository of knowledge.




I offer content creation, research consulting, and web publishing services.

Research Consulting

In-depth research is time-consuming. In crypto, the matter is made even more challenging because of the vast amount of domain knowledge required to obtain quality results. What I lack in experience, I make up for with relentless search habits.

I ask questions to ensure I understand what my clients need, and show my progress so we both know if I'm providing value.

I have a passion for crypto-related research, and would love to help with your information discovery.

Content Creation

I'm experienced at writing on subjects that I previously knew little about. My primary focus is education, simplicity, and accuracy. I'm not a fast writer.

I enjoy writing high-level overviews of blockchain platforms that can serve as an introduction to developers.

Recently I made my first attempt at creating Cornerstone Content:

ISO Clients Who Want Bitcoin-Related Content.

One project I'm hoping to find a buyer for is a series of articles on the history leading to Bitcoin.

Rough Outline

  • History of Cryptography:
    • Public Key Encryption (currently only available in books)
    • Hash Algorithms
  • Distributed Systems \ Consensus
  • History of Cypherpunks
    • History of p2p networking (commissioned)
  • History of open source
  • History of The Federal Reserve
  • History of Digital Currency Before Bitcoin
  • Birth of Bitcoin
  • 2012-2016
  • 2017


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It's rather simple to set up a site, via GitHub, but there are a number of tweaks that really make your site, such as, having proper metadata so that your preview text\image show up on various platforms.

Once its all set up, it will be easy for you to just add blog posts formatted in markdown. Whatever you're interested in... I'm already maintaining 5 of my own sites.. I don't see any harm in adding one more to the mix.

Perhaps you have an old site and you want it migrated, or want help with your existing GitHub pages site... who knows really. Just connect with me and we can discuss your needs.

Support the Cause

I love to Earn Bitcoin working with kind folk such as yourself.

More than a job, I'd love to generate an income by creating this site, and making it the most comprehensive resource to learn about Bitcoin and the technologies\economies that surround it.

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DOGE— DQKkzfJjqnXUD8Z7C3e84vKzvghPe9dXSa

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