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Design Tokens, Assets, and Planning for the Infor Design System
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Infor Design System

The Infor Design System is a set of use-case driven design practices, development tools, and support documentation to create a cohesive user experience across all Infor CloudSuite applications.

This repository contains the fundamentals of the Infor Design System, including design tokens, which are design metadata, and basic tools like Sketch files and icons. For more information, see

Getting Started for Designers

To get started, ⬇️download the latest release ⬇️ of our IDS Design Kit. In that package, you'll find both low-fi and mid-fi Sketch templates, font files for Source Sans Pro, and our design tokens.

See our getting started page for more information.

Installing IDS Identity in your project

Part of the Infor Design System is a package of different assets that create the Infor identity. This includes the design tokens, font files, and icons.

Install this into your project with:

npm install --save-dev ids-identity

Then look in node_modules/ids-identity for the assets.

Building Assets Locally

For designers and developers wanting to build these assets locally, see our developer guide.


For questions and support, please open an new Issue.

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