Enterprise-grade component library for the Infor Design System
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Infor Design System's Enterprise Components

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Infor Design System's Enterprise component library is a framework-independent UI library consisting of CSS and JS that provides Infor product development teams, partners, and customers the tools to create user experiences that are approachable, focused, relevant, perceptive.

For guidelines on when and where to use the components see the design.infor.com.

Key Features

  • Multiple themes, including a WCAG 2.0 AAA compatible high-contrast theme
  • Responsive components, patterns and layouts
  • Touch-friendly interactions
  • SVG-based iconography compatible with high DPI screens
  • Built-in, extendible localization system
  • Built-in mitigation of XSS exploits
  • 140 Components

Browser Support

We support the latest release and the release previous to the latest (R-1) for browsers and OS versions:

IE / Edge
IE / Edge
iOS Safari
iOS Safari
IE11, Edge R-1 R-1 R-1 R-1


npm install --save ids-enterprise@latest

For additional usage methods, see Installing IDS