An adaptive user interface for the Deriva platform.
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Chaise Build Status

Computer-human access interface with schema evolution!


Chaise is a model-driven web interface (more formally a user agent) for data discovery, analysis, visualization, editing, sharing and collaboration over tabular data (more specifically relational data) served up as Web resources by the ERMrest service. Chaise dynamically renders relational data resources based on a small set of baseline assumptions, combined with its rendering heuristics, and finally user preferences in order to support common user interactions with the data. Chaise is developed in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS which runs in most modern Web browsers. This includes Chrome 13 (or better), Firefox 7 (or better), Internet Explorer 10 (or better including ME Edge), and Safari 6 (or better). Chaise is the front-end component of the Deriva Platform. Chaise utilizes [ERMrestJS] client library to interact with the Deriva services including including ERMrest, Hatrac, and ioboxd.

Dynamic Rendering Approach

Chaise is intended to support specific user interactions, as briefly introduced above (e.g., discovery, analysis, editing, etc.). As such, its presentation capabilities are narrowly scoped to support these interactions. Thus, Chaise makes a few assumptions about how users will interact with the underlying data.

A few representative but non-exhaustive examples of these assumptions include:

  • search, explore, and browse collections of data
  • navigate from one data record to the next by following their relationships (i.e., following links)
  • add, edit, remove data records from the database
  • create, alter, or extend the data model itself
  • subset and export data collections
  • share data with other users
  • annotate data records with tags or controlled vocabulary terms

Beyond these baseline assumptions about basic usage, Chaise makes almost no assumptions about the structure of the underlying data model, such as its tables, columns, keys, foreign key relationships, etc. Chaise begins by introspecting the data model by getting the catalog/N/schema resource from ERMrest. The schema resource includes lightweight semantic annotations about the model in addition to the underlying relational database schema. Chaise uses its rending heuristics to decide, for instance, how to flatten a hierarchical structure into a simplified (or denormalized) presentation for searching and viewing. The schema annotations are then used to modify or override its rendering heuristics, for instance, to hide a column of a table or to use a specific display name in the interface that is different than the column name from the table definition of the schema. Chaise then applies user preferences to further override the rendering decisions and annotations, for instance, to present a nested table of data in a transposed layout (i.e., with the columns and rows flipped).

Available Applications

Chaise is suite of the following applications:

  • record: Shows all the information for an entity.
  • recordset: Shows a set of entities that can be faceted.
  • recordedit: Gives the ability to add(or update) single or multiple entities.
  • viewer:High resolution pyramidal, tiled image visualization tool with pan and zoom capability.


See Chaise installation.

Help and Contact

Please direct questions and comments to the project issue tracker at GitHub.


Chaise is made available as open source under the Apache License, Version 2.0. Please see the LICENSE file for more information.

About Us

Chaise is developed in the Informatics group at the USC Information Sciences Institute.