ERMrest (rhymes with "earn rest") is a general relational data storage service for web-based, data-oriented collaboration.
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ERMrest (rhymes with "earn rest") is a general relational data storage service for web-based, data-oriented collaboration. It allows general entity-relationship modeling of data resources manipulated by RESTful access methods.


Build Status

ERMrest is research software, but its core features have proven stable enough to use in several production science projects.

Known Issues: See our list of known issues at GitHub.

Using ERMrest

As a protocol, the ERMrest REST API can be easily accessed by browser-based applications or any basic HTTP client library. Its main features:

  • Exposes a PostgreSQL RDBMS containing science data.
  • Model neutrality
    • Allows use of natural, domain-specific relational data schema rather than forcing a fixed and generic schema.
    • Supports schema and data introspection by clients to allow generic presentation of tabular data rather than only hard-coded and domain-specific clients.
  • An expressive set of data access methods
    • Set-based single and bulk whole-entity (table row) create/read/update/delete (CRUD);
    • Set-based single and bulk partial-entity (table cell) read/update (RU);
    • Aggregate and grouped aggregate queries;
    • Convenient ERM navigation to map common relational inner join idioms into URL path structures.
  • Fine-grained access control lists to control client access privileges.
    • Group/role-based permissions
    • Control of granted access methods
      • Model visibility
      • Schema management
      • Data retrieval
      • Data modification
    • Control of granted access scope
      • Whole catalog
      • Single schema
      • Single table
      • Single column
  • Multi-tenancy to easily allow multiple catalogs, each with its own schema, data content, and policy.

Our companion client software for the ERMrest service includes:


ERMrest is developed and tested primarily on the Fedora Linux distribution with Python 2.7. It has a conventional web service stack:

  • Apache HTTPD
  • mod_wsgi
  • lightweight web framework
  • psycopg2 database driver
  • PostgreSQL
  • webauthn security adaptation layer (another product of our group)


See ERMrest Installation (Red Hat derivatives).

Operational Model

  1. The HTTPS connection is terminated by Apache HTTPD.
  2. The mod_webauthn Apache HTTPD module determined authenticated client context for requests
  3. The ERMrest service code executes as the ermrest daemon user
  4. The service configuration is loaded from ~ermrest/ermrest_config.json:
    • Core access control policy for catalog creation.
    • Data type presentation.
  5. All dynamic data is stored in the RDBMS.
    • The catalog's data model
    • The catalog's fine-grained access control lists
    • The catalog's data content
  6. Client authentication context is retrieved from Apache request environment
    • Client identity
    • Client roles/group membership.
  7. Catalog-level authorization of service requests is determined by the service code:
    • ACLs retrieved from RDBMS
    • ACLs are intersected with authenticated client context.
  8. The RDBMS is accessed using daemon service credentials
    • Fine-grained static authorization is handled in service prior to executing SQL
    • Fine-grained dynamic authorization is handled in service by compiling policy checks into SQL

Help and Contact

Please direct questions and comments to the project issue tracker at GitHub.


ERMrest is made available as open source under the Apache License, Version 2.0. Please see the LICENSE file for more information.

About Us

ERMrest is developed in the Informatics group at the USC Information Sciences Institute.