Implementing a Twitter feed in Python 3.4.3+
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IC.Social.Python3 - Implementing a Twitter feed in Python

This code based on the original blog post from that we published in 2013 and has now been updated to work with Python 3.4.3+ in this version ( If you wish to view the Python 2.7 source code visit the repository -


  1. Python 3.4.3+
  2. Setup your application with Twitter's Developer API (
  3. pip (if not installed -
  4. Pillow - As PIL does not support Python 3 you need to install Pillow through pip. pip install pillow
  5. python3-oauth2 ( install with python install

How to use

You will need to modify the file to include your own Twitter Application details.

consumerKey = ''
consumerSecret = ''
apiKey = ''
apiSecret = ''

Change the hash tag #informatictips in to something of your choice.

 tweets = twitterRepository.GetTweetsFromUnblockedUsers('#informaticstips', 20)

Start the application from your command line.