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InGrid iBus

The iBus is the central commmunication component in a InGrid System. It handles the communication to other InGrid components and provides several interfaces to access data in the InGrid data space.


  • manages communication to other InGrid components
  • provides several interfaces to access data in the InGrid data space
  • provides message routing within the InGrid communication
  • enables/disables connected iPlugs
  • GUI for easy administration


  • a running InGrid Software System


Download from


build from source with mvn package assembly:single.


java -jar ingrid-ibus-x.x.x-installer.jar

and follow the install instructions.

Obtain further information at


Set up eclipse project

mvn eclipse:eclipse

and import project into eclipse.

Debug under eclipse

  • execute mvn install to expand the base web application
  • set up a java application Run Configuration with start class de.ingrid.ibus.BusServer
  • add the program arguments --descriptor src/test/resources/communication.xml --busurl /ibus-test --adminport 8100 --adminpassword admin to the Run Configuration
  • as VM-argument the path to the webapp must be added "-DwebappDir=src/main/release"
  • make sure the tools.jar (from JDK) is added to the classpath of the runtime configuration
  • add src/test/resources, src/main/release/webapp to class path
  • the admin gui starts in this sample on port 8100


If you are having issues, please let us know:


The project is licensed under the EUPL license.