User interface to search the InGrid data space and meta data editor.
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This software is part of the InGrid software package. The Portal provides

  • a user interface to search the InGrid data
  • a map client to visualize geo spatial data
  • a ISO 19115/19119/INSPIRE compatible meta data editor


  • faceted search on the InGrid data space
  • Administration GUI to manage aspects of the portal and the InGrid Installation
  • detailed view on the provided data
  • map client to display geo spatial data, such as connected Web Map Services or KML Data
  • JavaScript based comfortable meta data editor


  • a running InGrid Software System


Download from


build from source with mvn package assembly:single.


java -jar ingrid-portal-x.x.x-installer.jar

and follow the install instructions.

Obtain further information at (sorry only in German)


Set up eclipse project

mvn eclipse:eclipse

and import project into eclipse. There are several sub projects:

  • ingrid-portal-base: The JSR-286 compatible portal framework based on Jetspeed 2
  • ingrid-portal-apps: The portal application that encapsules the InGrid portal
  • ingrid-portal-layout: Layout definitions for the InGrid Portal
  • ingrid-portal-mdek-application: JavaScript (Dojo Toolkit) based meta data editor (German MDEK: Metadaten Erfassungs Komponente = English IGE: InGrid Editor)
  • ingrid-portal-mdek: Portal integration of the InGrid Editor
  • ingrid-portal-distribution: The assembly project to gather the pieces and build an installer

Debug under eclipse



If you are having issues, please let us know:


The project is licensed under the EUPL license.