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Multiple Mutual Screen Sharing


This software automatically shares your screen without any confirmation in local area network. Please use this if you can trust LAN.


screenshot0 screenshot1 screenshot2

What's this?

This software can share screen and files mutually with multiple clients and servers. I developed this to teach programming, but may be useful for teaching, pair programming and so on.

How to use

  • For teacher
    • Launch this software, and just click "Start Server"
  • For students
    • Just launch this software
    • Usually, MMSS will connect to a server automatically. If MMSS failed in automatic connection, please connect from "Connection" menu.

File sharing



  • Cannot connect over the Internet
    • For security reason, MMSS will accept only from local private address.
  • May have many bugs...

System Requirements

  • Qt 5.2 or later

May work with Windows XP or later, OS X Lion or later and any Linux desktops that are supported in Qt. MMSS was developed on OS X Mavericks and tested on OS X Mavericks and Windows XP.


GNU GPL version 3 or later.


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