The unikernel demo with Nginx, Docker and Rump Kernels
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Unikernel demo

Contains the source code for the unikernel demo with Docker, Nginx and Rumprun. Original here:


  • A Linux machine with KVM and Docker installed.
  • As part of the build process, genisoimage need to be installed on the host in order to generate the filesystems used by the unikernels. On Ubuntu, apt-get install genisoimage is sufficient.
  • docker-unikernel requires root access in order to be able to plumb networking into the unikernel/KVM container.

Minimal quick start

  1. make pull. This pulls mato/rumprun-packages-hw-x86_64 which will take a while. This image contains the prebuilt rumprun unikernels for mysql, nginx and php.
  2. make. This builds the unikernel containers.
  3. make rundns. Runs a DNS server on docker0, using mgood/resolvable.
  4. sudo ./docker-unikernel run -P --hostname nginx unikernel/nginx.
  5. Browse to http://nginx/.

This will start a container with an Nginx unikernel, serving static files.