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Page list snippet

A PhileCMS plugin that allows you to list or search on pages on your site. You can make a list of all pages, of pages below the current or below a certain other page, of pages matching a specific query (full text search!), and you can filter, sort and provide custom templates for your page list.

This plugin works with the default Markdown parser, but it should also work with any of the other plugins that offer Markdown alternatives. It should even work if applied to regular HTML files.


With composer

php composer.phar require infostreams/pagelist-snippet


  • Install Phile
  • Clone this repo into plugins/infostreams/pagelistSnippet
  • Install the Snippets plugin as well


After you have installed the plugin and its dependencies, you need to add the following line to your config.php file:

$config['plugins']['infostreams\\pagelistSnippet'] = array('active' => true);

You need to have the Snippets plugin installed and activated for this to work.

How it works

Once you have installed this plugin, you can include a list of pages anywhere in your site by typing the following code into your Markdown page:

(pagelist: all)

This would include a list of all pages on your site, using the default template.


Since the default template is rather bare bones, you probably want to provide your own template.

(pagelist: all template:elements/pagelist)

This would style the list of pages with a custom template, provided by you. This template is much like a regular (Twig) template, but it's a partial template, which means it will only be used for a part of your page. In this template you can access the list of pages by using the pagelist variable. For an example, have a look at the plugins/infostreams/Templates/pagelist-default.html file.

If you want to override the default template, you can create a template called pagelist-default.html in your own theme. That will override the default template that comes with a fresh install of the PagelistSnippet plugin, and it can be used to provide a standardized list template for your whole site.

Available options

The first parameter can be either all, below, or search, or it can contain a named list of pages.


List all the pages

(pagelist: all)


List all pages below the current page

(pagelist: below)

List all pages below another page

(pagelist: below under: company/team)

List all pages below another page, and include that other page itself as well:

(pagelist: below under: company/team inclusive:true)


List all pages containing the text provided in the URL (by default, in the q parameter):

(pagelist: search)

The search results are ordered by relevancy according to the TF-IDF metric.

You can opt to search only a part of the site with the 'under' parameter:

(pagelist: search under: company/team)

List all pages containing the text provided in the URL, but change the parameter name in which this is provided to 'search'

(pagelist: search param:search)

This would make the search respond to URLs in the form ....?search=keyword instead of the default ...?q=keyword.

Please be aware that the mentioned TF-IDF metric is relatively simple. This is not Google.

Named pages

You can manually list the pages you want to include in your page list:

(pagelist: [company/team/ceo, company/team/cto])

Filtering and sorting

You can filter the page list based on information in the metadata. Filters are specified as an array, i.e. between [brackets], and support regular expressions by default.

Display all pages below the current page that have the project template:

(pagelist: below filter:[template:project])

Display all pages below the current page that have a template whose name matches the mentioned regular expression:

(pagelist: below filter:[template:content.*])

You can sort the resulting pages by providing an order parameter. The syntax for ordering pages follows PhileCMS's syntax.

(pagelist: below
    under: company/team
    order: meta.surname:asc)

List all team members, order them by surname, and display using a custom template:

(pagelist: below
    under: company/team
    order: meta.surname:asc
    template: team-members)

This would require you to add a file named team-members.html to your theme.

You can hard code a full-text keyword search if you want to:

(pagelist: all
  keyword: sales)

This would list all pages that contain the keyword 'sales'.


You can combine almost all the parameters listed above:

(pagelist: below
    under: company/team
    order: meta.surname:asc
    template: team-members
    filter: [tag: helpdesk]
    keyword: europe

This would list all the pages below 'company/team' that have the 'helpdesk' tag and contain the keyword 'europe', order them by surname and render them with the 'team-members.html' template.

Known limitations

I suspect that the current implementation only works with Twig templates. I haven't tested it with other templating plugins. If you managed to get it working with other plugins than Twig, drop me a line or open a pull request.


A PhileCMS plugin that allows you to list or search pages on your site





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