Use the Web Cryptography API to sign files, and verify the signatures.
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Digital Signature in the Browser

This web page with associated JavaScript creates a random RSA key pair, and allows a user to:

  • Digitally sign local files with the private key, and save the signed version
  • Verify previously signed files with the matching public key

This example is provided to illustrate how to use the W3C Web Cryptography API to perform digital signing and verifying inside a web browser. It is based on the working draft of the standard available when this example was created.

Using this example requires a web browser that implements a compatible version of the Web Cryptography API. When the example was created, current versions of the Google Chrome browser and recent nightly builds of the Firefox browser could run the example.

This is not intended to be a production tool. Rather, it may be helpful to developers who intend to create their own tools using the Web Cryptography API.

Copyright (c) 2014 Info Tech, Inc. Provided under the MIT license. See LICENSE file for details.