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DITA Open Toolkit plug-in for HTML5 output with a basic Bootstrap template.
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DITA Bootstrap

A plug-in for DITA Open Toolkit that extends the default HTML5 output with a basic Bootstrap template.

Sample DITA Bootstrap output


Use the dita command to add this plug-in to your DITA Open Toolkit installation:

DITA-OT 3.3:

dita --install net.infotexture.dita-bootstrap

DITA-OT 3.2 and older:

dita --install


Specify the html5-bootstrap format when building output with the dita command:

dita --input=path/to/your.ditamap --format=html5-bootstrap


Header menu

The plug-in includes a default static navbar with a project name and global links. To override the global navigation with a header of your own, pass a custom header file to the dita command via the --args.hdr parameter:

dita --input=path/to/your.ditamap --format=html5-bootstrap \

The plug-in includes a sample header alternative with a dark navbar.

Edit a copy of this file to adjust the content of the global navigation.

Custom CSS

The plug-in includes a basic placeholder for custom CSS styles. You can edit this file to add style rules of your own, or override it by passing a custom CSS file to the dita command via the --args.css parameter:

dita --input=path/to/your.ditamap --format=html5-bootstrap \
     --args.hdr=path/to/your-header.xml \
     --args.css=path/to/your.css \

For more extensive customizations, you may want to fork this repository and create a new plug-in of your own.


  • If you find this useful and build something of your own on top of it, let me know.

  • If you find a bug or would like to suggest a change, create an issue. (If it's a bug, provide steps to recreate the issue.)

  • If you know how to fix it yourself, submit a pull request with the proposed changes.

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