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version 0.10 (unreleased)
- Mysql warning and dump Error fixed
version 0.9 (January 2013)
o moved code to
version 0.8 (October 2008)
- don't require Archive::Zip
+ added option 'optimize_tables = 1' which will execute the "OPTIMIZE TABLE"
statement on every dumped table AFTER dumping. Default is off.
version 0.73 (August 2007)
+ added support for Win32 platform (patch by jessica dot blackburn [at]
gxs dot com)
version 0.72 (Sep 2006)
- minor fixes, bumped version number
version 0.7 (Sep 2006)
+ new config option 'defaults-extra-file' which can be used instead of specifying
the username/password/host directly in the config file.
+ config paramater 'dbhost' is now also used for the backup filename. If you
use the new 'defaults-extra-file' for remote backups, this key is still needed
to set the filename!
- code formatting and minor fixes
version 0.6 (Mar 2006)
+ using a MySQL config file ~/.my.cnf is now the recommended way to hide
passwords from the process table
+ new config file parameter "exclude databases" to specify a comma separared
list of database that are not to be backed up
- fixed config file parameter "compression tool" to allow white space
version 0.5 (Mar 2005)
- worked around an obscure bug in File::Spec->abs2rel()
+ using tilde for home directory expansion is now possible for all configuration values using paths
version 0.4 (Feb 2005)
- removed the dependancy on DBI for database access
- added some documentation
version 0.3 (Oct 2004)
- for recursive directory deletions, try to use File::Path (part of Perl 5.8
- fixed date in created filenames (had the wrong month)
version 0.2 (Aug 2004)
+ auto-detection of command line tar/gzip/bzip2 utilities with possible fallback
to Archive::Tar (now optional)
+ possibility to specify compression utilities and/or tar paths in config file
+ option for specifying the number of files to keep in backup file rotation
+ improved detection of mysqldump, added -Q option (Quote table and column name
with quotes)
- fixed several typos
version 0.1 (Jun 2004)
+ requires Archive::Tar