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dynamic dns (dyndns) update client that tries to be extensible, re-usable and efficient on network resources

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Dyndnsc - dynamic dns update client Requirements Status

dyndnsc is both a script to be used directly as well as a re-usable and hopefully extensible python package for doing updates over http to dynamic dns services. This package currently focuses on supporting http based update protocols.


See the Quickstart section of the

Compatible protocols

Feel free to send pull requests to add more.

Compatible services

This list is incomplete, since there are a lot of compatible services out there. Some of these services offer free accounts, some are paid or subscription based. Either way, this list should probably go elsewhere...

To specify a dyndns2 compatible service on the command line, add the -service_url argument:

$ dyndnsc --updater-dyndns2 \
    --updater-dyndns2-hostname \
    --updater-dyndns2-userid bob \
    --updater-dyndns2-password=xxxxxxxx \


$ pip install dyndnsc

or, if you want to work using the source tarball:

$ python install


  • Python 2.6, 2.7 or 3.2+


Documentation is available at


dyndnsc is currently still in alpha stage, which means that any interface can still change at any time. For this to change, it shall be sufficient to have documented use of this package which will necessitate stability (i.e. community process).

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