Goodcastle is a deployment script for Wordpress
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=== goodcastle

A script for deploying Wordpress sites. Not as clever or as sophisiticated as capistrano; not terrible.

== Requirements

You'll need Ruby, Rubygems, along with the erubis gem.
goodcastle is designed for use on unix-based systems, and assumes the presence of rsync.
goodcastle assumes that it exists in the root of a git repository containing an entire Wordpress site. Other version control tools are available; goodcastle does not use them.

== Installation

Copy deploy.rb and deploy/ to the Wordpress site/git repository on your local machine, and add them to git. goodcastle does not deploy itself to servers.

== Usage

Fill out deploy/deploy-config.yml with your details; there's an example version of this file in the repository. You need only configure advanced-cache if you have WP Super Cache installed. You can generate the content for the 'secret_keys' block here:

The username is the user you would use to ssh in to your server, or to run rsync/scp to the location you wish to deploy to. I tend to create a deploy user for this purpose.

When you're ready to deploy:

ruby deploy.rb [branchname]

If no branch is specified, goodcastle deploys out of master.

Then, goodcastle:

* generates a config file based on the parameters you've specified.
* packages up a deployment and strips out anything that shouldn't be deployed
* rsync's this to the server. (currently, goodcastle does not use --delete to do this)
* tidies up after itself