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A delicious fusion of two smooth pralines, topped with golden roasted hazelnuts and coated in milk chocolate. A chocolate truffle laced with amaretto liqueur, covered with crunchy croquant and milk chocolate. Encased in a sleek milk chocolate heart, this smooth tangy orange truffle will tantalise your taste buds. A luscious centre surrounded by raspberry liqueur and double cream ganache covered in dark chocolate. Roasted coffee and cream whipped into a light mousse, in white chocolate sprinkled with chocolate powder. A truly indulgent chocolate mousse, drenched in milk chocolate and sprinkled with white chocolate flakes. Smooth, delicately salted hazelnut praline blended with crunchy croquant, encased in a crisp, dark shell. A deliciously soft and creamy caramel truffle smothered in milk chocolate with ruffles of white chocolate. A light and fluffy mousse with a hint of vanilla, coated in white and dark chocolate. Heaven for nut lovers - delicious milk praline on a layer of white praline smothered in milk chocolate. A meltingly creamy caramel flavour centre with just a hint of crunch, encased in a milk chocolate shell. A rich, indulgent truffle with Marc de Champagne enveloped in layers of velvety dark chocolate. A sweet liquid caramel with a pinch of Noirmoutier island’s grey salt, captured in a cocoa dusted shell of intense dark chocolate. A dark chocolate 72% bar made using ground cocoa with intensely chocolaty notes of wood and molasses. A box with 3 thin discs incredibly filled with caramel, fruit coulis, fresh mint, pralines and honey. A 20 piece box of dark chocolate O’s filled with a Roche Mère red wine reduction. Silver white chocolate pearls filled with the finest dark chocolate ganache. Golden white chocolate truffle filled with the finest milk chocolate ganache. Silver dark chocolate truffle filled with praline. With soft caramel, vanilla and coffee notes. Infused with Moroccan mint leaves. Intense liquid praline centre surrounded by dark or milk chocolate, cocoa nibs and hazelnut nibs. Pure heaven for nut fans. Our gingers have an intense yet delicate flavour. A classic combination of fine dark chocolate and soft candied orange peel to create the perfect balance of flavour. Sweeter than the Gianduja Almonds our Gianduja Hazelnuts are made with much love and attention, hand panning the nuts in intense gianduja praline, 72% dark chocolate and cocoa powder. A thin crunchy brittle made of sesame, Antep pistachios, slivers of almonds and rose dipped in intense dark chocolate. Freshly roasted Quebradon Colombian coffee beans sourced from Monmouth coffee co covered in intense 72% dark chocolate. Go wild with our white chocolate and cranberries, pecan nuts and dark chocolate chip slab. Our 40% milk chocolate with salted antep pistachios slab. Our white chocolate with dark chocolate raspberry swirls and feuillantine slab. A milk chocolate 40% bar made using Organic and fairly traded cocoa beans grown by the oldest cooperative in Panama. Milk chocolate 40% bar made with ground Trinitario cocoa beans sourced from Java and British milk powder, conched and refined at our production in Ashford. Dark chocolate 72% bar made with Vietnamese ground Trinitario cocoa beans, conched and refined at our production in Ashford. A white chocolate bar conched and refined with gingerbread cookies and spices. Queen of spices, our 70% dark chocolate cardamom bar oozes sensuality and opulence. Milk chocolate 40% bar infused with tonka beans. Gianduja, not quite dark or milk chocolate, is a traditional Italian confection made of hazelnut praline and chocolate. Dark chocolate 70% Espresso infused bar. Milk chocolate 40% bar infused with sun rooibos tea leaves. White chocolate bar infused with matcha tea powder. A lactose free “milk” chocolate bar made with almond milk. Dark 100% bar made from high quality ground cocoa beans. Our indulgent Buffalo Milk Bar, made in Kent using an awarding wining English buffalo milk from Laverstoke Park Farm. Our indulgent Chapel Down sparkling wine truffles, made in Kent using an awarding wining English sparkling wine. Dark chocolate ganache and nougatine. Milk chocolate ganache and nougatine. Pistachio ganache and white chocolate. Milk chocolate and praline. Dark ganache infused with Earl Grey. Raspberry flavoured dark ganache. Cinnamon flavoured dark ganache. Milk ganache with cinnamon, ginger, pepper and nutmeg. Dark ganache with Madagascar pepper. Passion fruit flavoured dark ganache. Pure dark ganache from Venezuela. Dark ganache Guanaja very cacao 70%. Ginger flavoured Ashanti dark and fruity ganache. Raspberry flavoured chocolate ganache set with a raspberry macaroon. biscuit and coated in dark chocolate. White chocolate with hazelnuts praline and nougatine. Milk almond praline. Hazelnuts and almonds praline dark chocolate. Dark chocolate with caramel and bresilenne praline. Dark chocolate praline with sliced hazelnuts and almonds. Dark chocolate praline with a whole nut of Piemont. Caramel mousse with milk chocolate. Coffee flavoured caramel with milk chocolate. Caramel ganache. Caraibes ganache coated with cacao powder. Wittamer champagne ganache. Caramel with fleur de selIntense praline with almonds. Kirsch flavoured ganache. Pistachio mousse, sugar free. Dark chocolate with a kirsch cherry. Orange flavoured milk ganache with Curacao. Plain marzipan in dark chocolate. Dark chocolate filled with pistachio marzipan. Fresh cream with vanilla and dark chocolate. Fresh cream with Grand Marnier. Brazilian fresh cream and milk chocolate. Very thin milk chocolate with fresh cream and praline. Fresh cream with candied pineapple and dark chocolate. Raspberry fresh cream in a thin dark chocolate skin. Colombian coffee flavoured fresh cream. Fresh cream and coffee fondant, nut. Vanilla fresh cream and whole hazelnut and white chocolate on a praline base. A selection of candied and dried fruits on dark chocolate. Toasted almonds from Faro with dark chocolate. Thinly sliced pistachios with white chocolate. Candied orange peel coated with dark chocolate. Candied ginger peel coated with dark chocolate. Thin dark feuillantine praline. Thin milk feuillantine praline. Creamy milk chocolate with a subtle caramel note. White chocolate tablet sprinkled with fresh Tahitian vanilla. A subtle blend of beans from Venezuela and Ghana. Milk chocolate with pralinated Faro almonds and old-style nougatine. Hazelnuts, caramelised almonds. Milk chocolate with orange zests on crisp puffed rice. Cocoa liqueur from Cuba. A hint of sea salt over a creamy note.