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because what you need is a lot of dots.
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Radio Roundabout Amazing Visualizer

Displays the world in blobs that pulse with sound.


Install Processing, then SimpleOpenNI (using the shell script - you'll probably need sudo) and finally Minim. Install soundflower.

In System Preferences -> Sound, set Input to Line In (and "use audio jack as line-in") to use the audio in socket; Microphone to use ambient sound; or set Input and Output to Soundflower (if you want to use your Mac's system sounds to drive it.)

Then just run the .pde file. Cursor keys pivot viewpoint; shift up/down zoom in out; shift left/right translate it left and right. number keys 1-0 control the amount points are "grown"/multiplied by on pulse. Spacebar toggles mirroring.

That's about it, really.

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