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maybe string on Recording to log current filename
how do we ignore keypresses when textfield has focus?
how do we pause playback?
- if in step mode
- at this particular point, hit a button
- dialogue box, maybe, "string to annotate with"|durationInFrames
- annotations = [["oh that this too too solid flesh", 34,50]]
- here's a string, display it from frame 34 for 50 frames
- ie, every frame, find the first annotation where startFrame <= now and now < (startFrame + duration), show the annotation at the... point it begins? cursor?
- when we render this out, though, maybe we just add the annotation to all relevant frames...
- this is a desk problem. i think we need to do tracing and skew first.
- explore how video playback works
- see if we can layer it in the background
- alternatively, slice a video into frames, choose which video to use from a folder, and off we go...
- can we set up a projmap on top of a video, that's semitransparent?
recording within proj-mapping
- can we basically translate MouseRecord into a GL texture? There are demos of this, I know.
- as well as unpicking to a rectangle, we need to scale it right...
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