Silly stickers you can make from your flickr images.
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Some silly stickers you can make out of your Flickr images.


The main code resides in an abstract class to handle grabbing photographs from flickr and turning them into somewhat surreal stickers. Any "working" processor should subclass that and implement a #process_each_image method, which should return an array of images ready for writing.

Aside from the processing code, the script also contains the code necessary to SFTP the images to a webserver, from where the Moo API can obtain the images and manufacture stickers out of them.


There are two example scripts here, Both are somewhat surreal.


This is a very silly script. What it does, in a nutshell:

1) Gets your n latest photographs from Flickr
2) For each picture it:
	a) Calculates the "average" colour of the picture
	b) Generates a square image
		i) With the background colour set to that average colour
		ii) And with the title of the photograph overlaid in white text

It generates square images so that you can produce stickers of your photos on

You now have stickers that are far higher fidelity than any photograph could be at 300dpi.


This is less silly, and perhaps more aesthetically pleasing:

1) Gets your n latest photographs from Flickr
2) For each picture it:
	a) Turns it into a 300x300 square
	b) Takes the central row of pixels in that square
	c) Replaces every row of pixels in the square with the central row.
The net result is an often aesthetically pleasing series of stripy squares.


Copy config.yml.sample to config.yml and fill it out with:
	- your Flickr API key
	- your Moo API key
	- SFTP details for a server you own. You'll need:
	 	- the host (eg:
		- valid username/password for SFTP
		- the *full* path to where your images should be SFTP'd to, *with trailing slash*
		- the *full* public facing URL where your images will be visible if successfully copied, *with trailing slash*


ruby name-of-script.rb flickr-user-email-address limit-number-of-pictures (purchase|preview)

The email address is the email address used by the individual user at Flickr.

The limit should be an integer.

If you leave off "purchase", the files will simply be uploaded to your web server and you'll be given URLs for them. If you add purchase, a order for stickers will be created, and you'll be given a URL to view that order.

Alternatively, replacing "purchase" with "preview" will dump the XML for your order out to the command prompt. You can run this through the Moo validator ( to check if things are all coming out OK.

stickr uses SFTP. If you already have an SSH key set up on your server, you will be asked for that when the script authorizes against SFTP.


Net::Flickr ( - sudo gem install net-flickr)

	- a gem for Ruby that makes it easy to write to the Moo API. Install it thus:
	gem sources -a
	and then
	sudo gem install infovore-ruminant

Flickr API key (get one at
MOO API key (get one at


Tom Armitage (