Converting markdown-files to Haaga-Helia official format
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md2HH - markdown to Haaga-Helia

If you are writing your work in markdown and need to get the document into the official Haaga-Helia format this is for you.


  1. Install pandoc

Mac OS X:

brew install pandoc

Others: here

  1. Download this repository (or just TemplateThesis.docx) and place it the same folder with your markdown file.

Converting your work

Use the following command to convert your file. This will create a docx document with the Haaga-Helia template including table of contents and your content. At the moment you have to manually add the first page and the abstract page to the document (you find them from the TemplateThesis.docx).

pandoc -f markdown -t docx --reference-docx=TemplateThesis.docx --toc -o ThesisExample.docx

First time you open the document word should ask you:

This document contains fields that may refer to other files. Do you want to update the fields in this document?

Answer Yes to this. It will create the table of contents.

How to use markdown

See basic markdown functionality from the