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Infracamp kicker

This is an internal project.

This Project is part of the *kickstart-flavor- ** projects

.kick.yml Reference

version: 1
from: "from/docker-image"

  template: "config.php.dist"
  target: "config.php"

  - SOME_ENV=Some value 
  - PATH="/some/path:$PATH"

      - "script to exec (as user)"

Config file writer

kicker can replace values from environment in your config files. Just define a template and a target in your .kick.yml:

  template: "test/"
  target: "/tmp/test.out.txt"

The action kick write_config_files will take the template-file, replace placeholders and write it to target on each start of the container.

Placeholders are:


Optional with default value:


Attention: The placeholder will be replaced by the shell-escaped value of the environment. But it won't add quotes around the value!

To correctly handle values, you should quote every placeholder:

define ("SOME_CONSTANT", "%ENV_NAME?default_value%");
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