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kickstart-flavor-base :: Base development container

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see ( for more information.

This image is the base for many easy extensible containers

Document Index:

Containers build on top of this container

About this container

Security Status

The containers software is checked for security updates twice a day.

You can trigger notifications loading our security.json.

Default software

Value Usage Docker-File ENV
Default-Encoding UTF-8 (US)
Timezone Europe/Berlin TIMEZONE=
Default-Editor vim


  • git: Your git credentials and git-config is the same as your hosts
  • history: Histroy is shared accross instances
  • bash completion: Active by default
  • vim: Editor for all questions

Extending this container

Create a Dockerfile

FROM infracamp/kickstart-flavor-base:testing
LABEL maintainer="Matthias Leuffen <>"

ADD / /kickstart
RUN chmod -R 755 /kickstart && /kickstart/flavor/

Your project should look like