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kickstart-flavor jekyll :: Jekyll (~>3.8) Github Pages development container

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Jekyll is a static website generator used by github pages. This container lets you on the fly develop websites.

Jekyll comes with an Apache webserver. So you can deploy this container as Static homepage not only for github-pages but as standalone server too.

Working with the container

Container specific .kick.yml-directives

Demo kick.yml content:

    - "jekyll build -s /opt/docs -d /var/www/html"
    - "jekyll watch -s /opt/docs -d /var/www/html --force_polling"


Deploy the container

The flavor comes with integrated apache2.4 webserver. Do build the container create a Dockerfile:

FROM infracamp/kickstart-flavor-jekyll:testing

ADD / /opt
RUN ["bash", "-c",  "chown -R user /opt"]
RUN ["/kickstart/flavorkit/scripts/", "build"]

ENTRYPOINT ["/kickstart/flavorkit/scripts/", "standalone"]

Skeleton (Code)

Install a demo page (including config-file etc.) from kickstart-skel

./ --skel jekyll-base