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Preconfigured redis container
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Infracamp Redis container (infracamp:redis)

This container is build upon the official redis-container. But it offers two extensions:

  • It runs as non-root user by default
  • It is easily configurable by environment variables (eg. in a docker stack)
  • It comes with presets for
    • In Memory only usage
    • Snapshot usage
    • AOF Logfiles

Presets available

See the examples below on how to use the container. The container will be rebuild daily (:testing) or weekly (:latest).

Make sure no ports are exposed to the outside world - no security configuration is available. It is considered for stack-inside use only.

Configuration for all presets

Environment Variable default description
MEMORYLIMIT 100mb The total Memory Limit
MAXMEMORY_POLICY allkeys-lru Remove key by last resource usage

Example for your stack-file to spin up a memory only redis instance with 100mb memory limit.

Memory Only (Caches, etc)

No persistence to disk. Usage for caching / volatile data only.

    image: infracamp/redis
      - PRESET=memory_only
      - MEMORYLIMIT=500mb

RDB Snapshot Persistence (Session storage)

The Memory is snapshotted at specified interval to the disk. RDB is very compact and very perfomant. But you might loose between two snapshots

Environment Variable default description
`SNAPSHOT_INTERVAL 60 Make snapshot every 60 seconds

Redis data is stored to /data inside the container. Make sure you have a volume mounted there - otherwise the data will be lost after restart.


    image: infracamp/redis
      - PRESET=rdb_snapshots
      - MEMORYLIMIT=500mb
      - redisVolume:/data

Append-only file persistence (AOF)

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