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BotKube logo

For complete documentation visit

A slack bot which keeps eye on your Kubernetes resources and notifies about resources life cycles events, errors and warnings. It allows you to define and run certain checks on resources specs. You can also ask BotKube to execute kubectl commands on Kubernetes cluster which helps debugging an application or cluster.


This website uses Hugo to generate static HTML pages. It's hosted and automatically build by Netlify (see netlify.toml for more details).

Build the site locally

Make sure you have installed Hugo on your system. Follow the instructions to clone this repository and build the docs locally.

  • Clone the repository
    git clone
    cd botkube-docs
  • Fetch the theme submodule
    git submodule update --init --recursive
  • Start local server
    hugo serve -D
    Site can be viewed at http://localhost:1313

Making changes

Adding a new documentation page

# example: adding new documentation page under installation section
hugo new installation/

Modifying an existing documentation page

Find the documentation page file (.md file) under content/ and edit it.

Publishing your changes

Create a Pull Request with your changes. When the PR is merged site will be updated automatically by Netlify.


The code snippets and the documentation is licensed under MIT license. BotKube name and the logo are copyright of InfraCloud Technologies. See LICENSE for the full license text.