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Replace Cassandra's tracing implemetation with Jaeger
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A Jaeger tracing plugin for Cassandra


This plugin is based on A Zipkin tracing plugin for Cassandra which is licensed under Apache License 2.0.

Cassandra provides pluggable tracing starting from version 3.4. By adding a jar file to the Cassandra classpath and one JVM option, Cassandra's tracing can be replaced with Jaeger. It can even identify incoming Jaeger traces and add Cassandra's own internal tracing on to it.

How to use

  • Make sure you have Maven and JDK installed on your machine
  • Run following commands to build and place the jar
    # Cloning the repository
    git clone
    cd cassandra-jaeger-tracing
    # Create a jar file
    mvn package
    cp target/cassandra-jaeger-tracing-*-jar-with-dependencies.jar $CASSANDRA_HOME/lib/
    Here, $CASSANDRA_HOME is the directory where Cassandra is installed
  • Start Cassandra with,
    ="-Dcassandra.custom_tracing_class=io.infracloud.cassandra.tracing.JaegerTracing" \
    or edit the jvm.options

By default jaeger-client-java sends the spans to localhost:6831 via UDP. This can be configured by setting environment variables, JAEGER_AGENT_HOST and JAEGER_AGENT_PORT. Refer Configuration via Environment for more information.



See CASSANDRA-10392 for the patch to extend Cassandra's tracing that this project plugs into.


When this tracing is used instead of Cassandra's default tracing, any cqlsh statements run after enabling tracing with TRACING ON; are going to time out eventually giving

Unable to fetch query trace: Trace information was not available within …

This is because cqlsh is polling for tracing information in system_traces which isn't any longer being created. For the meantime an easy fix around this behaviour in cqlsh is to reduce Session.max_trace_wait down to 1 second.

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