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Ingress Demo

This repo shows how to create an ingress controller in a Kubernetes cluster, create ingress resources and expose a service outside the cluster using ingress controller.

This demo is primarily aimed for AWS and will need modifications if running on any other cloud.


  • Kops and terraform should be installed on your machine for this demo to work

  • You can use Kops to create a cluster. We used instrcutions at this link to create a cluster.


Ingress Controller

The ingress controller watches the ingress resources and makes changes to load balancer accordingly. All of manifest code in nginx-ingress.yaml is for creating ingress-controller and related serviceaccounts and role/role-bindings etc.

Load Balancer

The LoadBalancer in this case is a AWS LB. The manifest service-l4.yaml creates the LB with additional details specific to AWS. ATM this creates a classic LB, and not a ALB. You will notice some annotations being used and a full list of annotations can be found here. The actual code which has all annotations can be found here

Ingress Resources and sample app

Once the above two is setup, the ingress resources can be created which will be routed to specific pods. We are using two simple Go lang based apps to demonstrate path based and domain based routing. All of code resides in ingress-demo.yaml

For example as of this writing, the URLs and both are served by same load balancer using ingress and controllers. If you do not have a hosted zone on route53 or similar, just ping the load balancer to obtain its IP address and update the hosts file on your computer to resolve the LoadBalancer IP to the host names mentioned in the Ingress resources