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Repository will be archived soon!
⚠️ Please note that Atomic is not developed anymore. It serves as architectural prototype for Hexatomic, which is currently under development at
This repository will be archived soon!


Software for multi-level annotation of linguistic corpora


mvn install builds the core plugins for Atomic.

Then there are also three Maven profiles, each of which builds a specific version of Atomic:

  1. mvn install -P stable builds only stable features into repository/target/products/.
  2. mvn install -P preview builds stable features and those that can be used productively with caution, and that may include bugs, into repository-preview/target/products/.
  3. mvn install -P experimental builds stable and preview features, and those that are experimental, and hence should not be used productively, into repository-experimental/target/products/).

Build documentation

Documentation is built separately from the product build. If you want to include up-to-date docs in the product build, build docs before product. Documentation has a separate README with details on how to build.

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